Forgotten Sound, great in story and rich in graphic

Forgotten Sound

Forgotten Sound

Forgotten Sound

After the Queen’s death, music was banned in the Sun City. And when betrayal led to a curse that forced the King to fall asleep, Shahbaz, The Prince of the Sun City decides to rescue his father through a path of love and mysticism; passing through intact territories, saving the Queen of the Forest and playing the magical sound of music…

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Forgotten Sound




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One thought on “Forgotten Sound, great in story and rich in graphic

  • hi there
    i truly exhilarated sitting and playing the very game of the forgotten sound 1. what has verily taken me aback was its traditional music.
    but since i am not that much geared for playing i have found myself in an impasse with regard the stage i have to orchestrate some music with the pipe the musical instrument to wipe the serpent off the course and open the way up to unknown.
    can you please help me through with that and send me the technique into my email.
    that is very nice of you.
    a.h. ghebali

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