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Sourena Game Studio, Game Development

Sourena Game Studio, Game Development

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A quick overview of our services

Sourena Game Studio is an independent game development studio that combines years of industry experience, creativity, and resourcefulness in high-quality games.
Sourena Game Studio was founded on 18 February 2008. The company is based in making entertainment Products.

Virtual Reality: 
We are regarding Virtual Reality ahead of the competition. Not only do we develop games for VR but are also the exclusive distributor in Europe for the ANTVR. So if you need a VR game ánd a VR headset, we can serve your needs.
Mobile games:

We can develop your games for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone platform. The games can include in-app purchases, in-advertisements, free 2 play or premium build, online gameplay and social media built-in features. Want data from the players while they play? No problem, we got that covered too!

Console games:

Mobile games is one thing, console games are another expertise. Luckily we have this expertise in-house so we can offer your games on console platforms. All software needed are in-house already to start to develop your concept on the consoles platform

Branded games:

Would you like to sell your products in a unique and innovative way? We can help you by gamifying your product, on various platforms in various ways. Let our games be the perfect introduction of your product or service.

Serious games:

A game can perfectly be suitable for education, (medical) recovery, healthcare and more. At Excamedia we care about serious games to benefit health, let education grow and create chances for everyone.

Game engines we are working on:

  • Unity 3D
  • Unreal Engine 4

Our latest titles:

  • Legends of Persia (PC)
  • Rush (PC)
  • Siavosh (PC)
  • Super Infinite Digger (IOS, Andriod)
  • Petals (IOS, Andriod)
  • One Minute Life (IOS, Andriod)
  • Unsight (PC, PS4, Xbox One)
  • Wobbly Jungle (PC, PS4, Xbox One)