Petals game will be available on major digital stores for free.

Sourena Game Studio - Petlas

Sourena Game Studio – Petals

Hi everyone,

Our new mobile game “Petals game” is about to be distributed globally on major digital stores (App store and Google play)

Sourena Game Studio - Petlas shot

Sourena Game Studio – Petals shot

Title Name:

Petals game



Game summary:

Main gameplay focuses on rotating each gear. You have to set them in the right direction. Sometimes, they affect each others. For instance,  whenever you rotate one of them, the other one may rotate in different direction

When you proceed into the game, you will be faced with more challenges (limited time, endless mode)

Game will be released for PC – MAC and iPhone

Game features:

  • Useful  Items (fire – water)
  • Challenging  Modes (Time mode – Endless mode – Story mode)
  • Different Difficulties (easy-normal-expert)
  • Up to 50 Appealing Levels

More news about this addictive game will come out soon.

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