Qajary Cat, Amazing adventure title from RSK games

Qajary Cat

Qajary Cat

Qajary Cat

Once upon a time a king got sick, all worried and distressed couriers were collected by the king’s bed and they thought what should they do to king became well? Maybe a medicine, herbal drug or something, that suddenly a cat while was hugging his baby was entered the king’s room and put the baby under the king’s bed and turned to go back but he could not come out of the king’s room. King’s Sogoli whispered by the king’s ear: this is a good sign and it comes in the legends that if a cat puts his baby under the bed, every sickness will be cured. Next morning the king became safe and sound and he ordered to give the cat glory and magnificence. (King’s favorite cat). Hereafter the cat became dear in the esteem of the king, till women’s court.

Title name:

Qajary Cat




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