Wobbly jungle, Our first plat-former game will be out in March 2016

Wobbly Jungle Title name: Wobbly Jungle Developer: Sourena Game Studio Publisher: Bit Composer GMBH Platforms: PC-Mac-Linux-Xbox1-PS4-Mobile devices Release date: March 2016 Genre: 2D Platformer About the game: Wobbly Jungle is a 2D platformer game in a fantasy world.  The game is about cute animals who wants to find the cause of strange enemies and mechanical staff[…]

petals game

Petals game will be available on major digital stores for free.

Hi everyone, Our new mobile game “Petals game” is about to be distributed globally on major digital stores (App store and Google play) Title Name: Petals game Platforms: iPhone-Android Game summary: Main gameplay focuses on rotating each gear. You have to set them in the right direction. Sometimes, they affect each others. For instance,  whenever you rotate[…]