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Sourena Game Studio is a  independent game development studio that combines years of industry experience, creativity and sourenagamestudio_Siavash_coverresourcefulness in high quality games.
Sourena Game Studio was founded on 18 February 2008 . The company is based in Making entertainment Products.
Making full use of the development talent and experience from various fields of expertise of his team, Sourena Game Studio strives to make games a complete and thrilling experience for every gamer as well as a rich experience for the developers working on them.

Siavosh The Game (New Title):

Siavosh is an Action RPG Adventure game which incorporates bloody battles, Item usage, Character building, and storyline incorporation. The storyline revolves around Keykhosro, the son of the Persian prince Siavosh , who in the name of his father’s blood, wants to take revenge upon Afrasiab, the king of Tooran. Throughout the game, the character will face difficult challenges to overcome, such as defeating massive waves of enemies, encountering difficult bosses, and finally dealing with Afriasiab, his father’s killer.  The mythology of this storyline will take you to depths you have never been before, as you encounter the famous fable of Siavosh .