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Desolation Point (code name)

Project Desolation Point is an F2P modern FPS with a focus on fast-paced and grueling action-packed encounters between players, customization and large scale competition. It is a masterfully developed game with top-notch multiplayer programming, boasting flexibility to fit in with every platform and back-end services currently used in the market.

Every match in desolation is a fast-paced death race, with each bullet carrying devastating consequences in ever-changing landscapes. Fast-paced and brutal, the game puts the player in the middle of an intense fight almost instantaneously.

Every player can customise his/her character to the extremes. Collecting items, clothes, and weapons while playing the game allows players to craft and equip items on their character screens, keeping their best guns and armor along with them on their subsequent matches.

Collecting these items and using their creativity to build deadly and prestigious armors and guns, the players can choose to use the in-game trade systems and auction houses to earn in-game currency. Using this interaction with other players, they can further use that currency to buy their desired pieces from other players, thus keeping the player-oriented economy of the game rolling.

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Sourena Game Studio


Sourena Game Studio


Online Shooter



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