About Us

Our studio was established in 2008 with games such as Legends of Persia with our own custom Engine, proving to ourselves and the world that Sourena is ready to enter the ballpark of the game industry. From that day until now, with many published titles and a team of many talented developers, we have made significant progress in reaching our goals. Our teams work tirelessly in our offices to bring you brilliant games like nothing you have seen before. Our studio is the studio of innovation and risks.

We do not adhere to old models and tried and tested ways of making games, as we always search for new and better experiences to bring to our players.To us, every game must feel unique, unique to the point that it could constitute its own genre. We worked hard to bring our passions to life and we collected a cherry pick of some of the most talented and innovative people an indie game studio could muster. And as you will see while you explore the games we either developed or published in certain countries.

Our Projects