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Today we would like to announce our new service to game developing and publishing companies who are aiming to settle their games in Iran.

Iranian online payment system “AllPays”

AllPays is the first Iranian online payment system  for foreign companies and is a unique payment service provider inIran. We exclusively work with international clients – our focus is to provide our merchants a simple and efficient way to process payments in Iran. We are connected to the major acquirers, providing online Payments as well as local payment methods such as Shetab and Shaparak. Using AllPays, Iranian customers can purchase physical and digital goods online as we process all cards locally in Iranian Reais.

“All pays” system is a service due to tackle limitation for game developing, publishing companies and international clients who are aiming to settle their payments in Iran market. Also in this service the clients could access to Iranian banks and local debit cards, as well.

Considering Iran’s 80 million populations and disconnection to the global Financial Network, in the absence of credit cards, the unique method for payment is a local payment system called “Shetab”, there are 3 or 4 debit cards for each person in Iran. So “allpays” payment platform would give you the opportunity to reach 240 million Debit Cards through Mobile and online websites.

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“Allpays” APIs is used by developers to access the internal service of Iran’s national banking system, the API is designed secure and user-friendly and lets developers and publishers and ecommerce shops embed “Allpays” on their webpages using any programming language and user interface they want. You will simply need to integrate our system on your website. Then, the processes will be performed automatically. Once you make your store and pass the security checkpoint which is included IP check, if the IP was in Iran, your customer would connect to Iranian banking system, your website visitors will have the opportunity to choose from all of our payment methods. Once the payment with the amount specified by you is made, the relevant information is sent to your website.

The API is designed to work on all platforms, mobile devices and desktop browsers, as well. On management page, you could have all payment transaction of end-user and products.

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Companies contemplating entering the Iranian market are faced with major legal, financial and operational considerations, After all, the prospects of entering the second largest economy in the Middle East with over 80 million in population is hard to resist. So AllPays system would offer you an easy and fast access to Iranian 80 million’s market by implementing “AllPays” API.

With “Allpays” service, you would get a translation service and handbook to know how to add API on your website and how to support Iranian costumers. That being said, most of the clients who would use this system would be Iranian people and you would be able to set your online payment page in Farsi language (Iranians Mother’s tongue) through our translation package,

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“Allpays” service would not have an interface for end-user; you would not see anything from that, we provide your process in back end that your client feels that like part of your online payment system.

Checking IPs in both endpoints plus additional security checks,  allows its users to take money Safe and smooth, due to not sending money through the service, make it more effective feature for payment solution.

When it comes to International Law, “Allpay” system would consider it with innovative solutions, for example, right now, due to US sanctions 2 Iranian banks are banned from transactions, ”Allpays” system would track down the users who wants to access the online payment system through them and would inform customer, sending a proper message “please choose another debit card for your payment”.

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“Allpays” online payment system supports two international currency; dollar and euro.

In case your target audience are Iranian people, Sourena team will help you to exchange your product price to Rial , 9% VAT rate included , you sit back and enjoy getting money for your product in Rial!

But if your online payment system is dynamic, we will provide you with our exchange rate system, the price in euro or dollar entering ,after that the system will calculate up to date currency in Rial, 9% VAT included, shown up to user and payment continues.

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Important Notice: Iran currently has two exchange rates, one formally fixed by the Central Bank of Iran and another informal, open market rate that’s sold to the public via currency exchange shops and traders on street corners (Street Rate). When there is a wide discrepancy between the Official and the actual Street exchange rate, the official well below the actual street exchange rate. The Unofficial – Street Exchange Rate used among all businesses as well as “Allpays” online payment system.

Please send us an email to if you are interested in publishing your game into Iran market.