Halloween update is here!

With the advent of the holiday season, Sourena games has put out the latest update for Hoomeez, putting out not only new content but massively improving the performance of the game! Some of the features of this update include the 5 stage Halloween changes on the Water Polo and football, UI improvements, new music and new Items and Skins. The developers also took in consideration the player’s feedback and implemented their requested fixes such as the Racing match checkpoints, alongside the many bugfixes and optimizations.

Hoomeez is an online game with what is going to be years of extensive player support, and there will be a major content update for the game every three months. The Halloween update is the first to follow this principle, and will lay the groundwork for the rest. You can see the complete and detailed changelog of this update below.

1.08 Patch notes:

The Halloween Update is here!

New Content:

New Halloween Aesthetics

New Halloween Games

Following Levels added:

Bubble Level

Skeleton Cave Level

Triad Level

Infinite Level

Water Polo Level Changes

New Halloween Interface:

Thematic menus and animations

New loading screen

New background music:




Halloween Items and Skins:

Discounted Items and special Halloween chests (Only for 3 days)

New skins in the store (Event exclusive):




New racing mode vehicle

Changes and Improvements:

New Cursor

Better Collision to prevent phasing through objects

Game Icon changes

New special effects when picking up coins or winning, with new FX


Fixed Checkpoints in Racing Mode

Colosseum and Space Pine redesign

Improved player spawn

Better Racing Mode Physics

Produced by Sourena Games Studio media department