Hoomeez Update 1.1.0

The Hoomies now have Muscles! This update adds muscles to the Hoomies, and you can see them moving up close!

(The writer of these patch notes is now curious and wants to know what’s going on immediately.)

Snowball mode: A new mode in which we throw snowballs at each other for giggles!

New maps for the Snowball mode: Platform, Cabin and Frozen Pool

New Yalda-Themed car in racing mode!

New Yalda Music and UI

New Items and Skins:

Santa set: Skin, Gloves, Beard and generally the whole package

Reindeer set: Gore your enemies looking like a menacing reindeer

Snowman set: Carrot nose and snowman hat Elf set: Clothes and hats of Santa’s little helpers

3 Christmas-themed glasses

Bugfixes and Optimizations:

Fixed football bots not being split evenly Respawn Enabled in football

Fixed Quick Match match start

Fixed red screens after racing Removed the 5 item limit of every bundle

Items repriced Items now categorized into Rare, Legendary and Uncommon Items

You can now download this new version from the GameUp Launcher

Produced by Sourena Games Studio media department