Live TV Tycoon

Live TV Tycoon is an upcoming mobile game about managing your own TV studio and bringing in fat profits. It’s an innovative and new game that contrasts most of the stale and cloned mobile market with new and interesting ideas. The game focuses on micromanaging and creating shows, then displaying them on the television channel. Each show is created meticulously and has different results. You choose the characters, choose the setting, choose the plot and observe the final result of your creation and the fruit it bears forth.

The game includes hundreds of collectible accessories and characters, all of which can be used to create shows and carter for views on the screen. With hundreds of possible show outcomes and types, this game brings a much needed artistic touch of hard work and passion to the mobile market, truly setting it apart from the rest of the games of the genre which are made with much less effort and creativity.

If creating shows and running your business was not enough, there comes the social aspects of the game. Functioning as a base social media of its’ own, you can share, compete, view, see and like other players and their shows, creating a competitive scene that drags the player into the business. The players will be hooked with the interesting gameplay and the infinite possibilities of creativity, and they will stay for their interactions within the game’s social sphere.

Release Date:

Q1 2020


Acid Green Games


Sourena Game Studio





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