Donations are one of the most commonplace methods of supporting content creators or organizations. These folk provide their content freely for everyone to enjoy and for many of them, donations are the only way to make ends meet. These donations are completely voluntarily made. For example, a viewer who immensely enjoys the content created by a creator, can show his support and encourage the creator to create similar content in the future by donating a small amount of money to him. Reymit has an array of options for both creators and users to make and receive all sorts of financial contributions and donations. These help simplify, secure and facilitate these transactions.


Reymit is a third party platform used by many creators to facilitate and increase the monetary interactions between content creators and viewers. It provides both parties with a wide array of tools and options, such as custom Interface displays and many more. Reymit’s goal is to help streamers streamline the process of receiving financial support from their audience. Reymit has so far been the most-widely used system of its kind among streamers and viewers in all Persian-Speaking countries, and the base is only growing.


The Reymit support team is always available to receive your feedback, suggestion, complaints, and comments. We are always available to answer any questions you might have or solve any issues you might have with the platform through the available means. If you want to contact us, please make sure you read the information on the website to address the situation directly if possible. It is also recommended to follow Reymit on our various social media platforms to receive all the news and updates about the platform.

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