Sourena Games Online Event

16th of March, 2022, 6:00 PM Tehran Time

With the year’s end approaching fast, Sourena Games has endeavored to set up a major online event, discussing the past, present and future with the fans and the audience. Some of these talks will be featuring the past achievements of Sourena Games during the year, while the other parts will be discussing the future goals of the studio.

We are going to talk about the performance of many of the subdivisions of Sourena Games, like Iran Zula, Sargarme, Reymit, GameUp and Par30Game, and discuss the future plans for each of them.

We also have two great surprises for you so follow us to find out what they are!

Moreover, we have decided to draw a lot between everyone who participated in the event and give them prizes like gift cards, Zula Gold and Guns, etc.

You can watch the event on the 16th of March, 2022, 6:00 PM Tehran time, on the Sargarme Twitch page and on our various social media accounts on Twitch, Youtube and Instagram.

Sargarme Twitch

Produced by Sourena Games Studio media department