Project Description

What Happened

What Happened is a Psychological Thriller that throws the player in an unstable, bizarre situation and forces them to fight their way through the illusions of Stiles’ mind. Gameplay advances as more of Stiles’ dark past is revealed and his ultimate destination becomes more touchable by the second. What Happened will drag you through the tainted corridors of Stiles’ spirit, it will invite you to temper with the forces of light and darkness, sanity and insanity, free will and fate, in order to survive the nightmares of his miserable state.

Searching through the layers of this story, you can solve the puzzle of Stiles’ tale. Only then, can you understand What Happened. Shift the lights, find passages, break through rooms to escape the darkness, turn your closest friends to your enemies and your love into hate. Fight a constant struggle between life and death, between your heart and your Mind, and lose. Embrace the shadow and the light, all at once, and see the world in black and white. Only by looking at the world through their eyes you can understand what they go through.

Release Date:

Q1 2020


Sourena Game Studio

Katnappe SP. Z O. O.


Psychological Thriller



Minimum System Requirements:

Win 7, Win 8.1, Win 10


Intel core i3 4160 / AMD Ryzen 3300x


8 GB


GeForce GTX 750 Ti / AMD Radeon R9 270x

Disk Space:

17 GB


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