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GameUp is Up!

GameUp is Up and running! GameUp is a light and useful launcher that allows you to collect your favorite single player or online pc games in one place and enjoy them with your friends. Enjoy the latest Iranian and non-Iranian games along with dozens of special offers and features,

GameUp is Up!2022-03-30T15:40:17+00:00

Zula’s Battle Royale testing phase

Zula’s Battle Royale testing phase New Gameplay details of Zula’s Battle Royale mode (This Game mode is currently in testing phase) In January 2020, Sourena Games hosted its first Large Convention, Announcing Zula’s Battle Royale game mode. The Iranian Studio was set to release the game mode in summer 2020,

Zula’s Battle Royale testing phase2022-03-30T15:40:12+00:00

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas 2020 was a life-changing year for everyone, but especially for us at Sourena Games studios. Yet with all of its tight lockdowns and socio-political turmoil we understood our mission above everything else. Before the lockdowns, it was easy to dismiss digital entertainment and video games as luxury services,

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What Happened, is available now for PC via Steam.

What Happened Game: Launch Trailer What Happened, is available now for PC via Steam. This game is available on Steam with a 10% launch week discount. Those interested in the game can buy the game via the link below. Produced by Sourena Games Studio media

What Happened, is available now for PC via Steam.2022-11-25T10:46:02+00:00

Outside a mirror

What Happened Game: Outside a mirror Have you ever talked to yourself? That's natural. But if you can both see and talk to yourself outside a mirror, it's not. BACK TO BLOG

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What Happened Game: Stiles A scroll through Stiles' daily life. BACK TO BLOG



What Happened Game: Hope There is always hope, even when you’re facing insanity. BACK TO BLOG


The Final Choice

What Happened Game: The Final Choice No matter what you tell yourself, you always know what the right thing is. BACK TO BLOG

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