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Hoomeez Halloween Update is here!

Halloween update is here! With the advent of the holiday season, Sourena games has put out the latest update for Hoomeez, putting out not only new content but massively improving the performance of the game! Some of the features of this update include the 5 stage Halloween changes on the

Hoomeez Halloween Update is here!2022-11-15T10:40:14+00:00

Official Hoomeez Release

Hoomeez Game: Official Release The free Battle Royale “Hoomeez” has been finally released officially today! The final release version of Hoomeez is now officially available on the GameUp launcher platform. Hoomeez is a Fast-Paced Online Multiplayer Arcade game that gives the player control over an avatar called a “Hoomie”. The

Official Hoomeez Release2022-10-01T11:13:49+00:00

2022 Iran Zula Cup!

2022 Iran Zula Cup! With a prize pool of 2,000,000,000 IRR! With the immense community feedback and positive responses we got in our previous cup, the Iran Zula team has once again decided to organize a competitive Esports event! 16 teams will face off against each other and the

2022 Iran Zula Cup!2022-11-15T10:40:29+00:00

Happy new Year!

Happy New Year! It was an amazing year for us and we are honored to have you along with us! We wish you a happy new year and great times alongside your family. Produced by Sourena Games Studio media department

Happy new Year!2022-11-15T10:41:30+00:00

Hoomeez, a friendly competition!

Hoomeez, a friendly competition! You can download the trial version of Hoomeez right now from GameUp and play it with us! Remember the Hoomeez is in an early test stage and your feedback can help shape the development of the game. Produced by Sourena Games

Hoomeez, a friendly competition!2022-03-30T15:41:22+00:00

Sourena Games Online Event

Sourena Games Online Event 16th of March, 2022, 6:00 PM Tehran Time With the year’s end approaching fast, Sourena Games has endeavored to set up a major online event, discussing the past, present and future with the fans and the audience. Some of these talks will be featuring the

Sourena Games Online Event2022-11-15T10:41:39+00:00

Official partnership with XRay Team

Official partnership with XRay Team We are proud and honored to announce the official partnership between Sourena Games and XRay Team, and we hope this new collaboration can help increase the Farsi Streaming and Esports following and expand the scope of electronic entertainment in Iran.

Official partnership with XRay Team2022-11-15T10:42:59+00:00

4 Years with Reymit!

4 years with Reymit! We are fortunate that during these 4 years we have been accompanying the Iranian streaming community and we helped it grow and succeed. Meanwhile, with Reymit, we tried to improve the functionality of the program and we have added many new features, creating a powerful

4 Years with Reymit!2022-11-15T10:43:05+00:00